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Love your neighbour

A short film about how to show love for your neighbour, to go with today’s Gospel reading: Matthew 22, 34-40 Advertisements

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My friend, Marcus Borg

Originally posted on God in the Midst of the City:
Marcus Borg died this morning after a prolonged illness.  I received a phone call this afternoon from a Cathedral parishioner and friend of Marcus, relaying the news to me. I first…

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The Face of Jesus

The children’s address today involved an illustration. You are supposed to stare at the four dots in the centre for 15 seconds, then close your eyes, and in the white ring you should see the face of Jesus. Does it … Continue reading

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A Word on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Statements.

From Bishop Marc of California:

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Heaven is Weeping: An Open Letter to the House of Bishops @C_of_E @JustinWelby @JohnSentamu

Originally posted on Phil's Boring Blog:
MY LORD BISHOPS, Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, your Lord and mine in our common journey of faith: to him be the glory for ever and ever! I am…

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In Which I Have a Breakdown: An Open Letter to the Church

Originally posted on Sacred Tension:
Back in October, just before I left the blogosphere for my sabbatical, I had something of a breakdown. What made the breakdown so devastating was that I didn’t see it coming at all. It had…

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Poverty and Homelessness

It’s Poverty and Homelessness Action Week. Follow the week with their online prayer calendar

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